How To Successfully Do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

facebook and affiliate marketing

Facebook can be the “affiliate marketer‘s best friend” if you know how to use it properly.” It is a very powerful marketing tool that can provide you with a huge amount of traffic in a short time. In the short time it has been around Facebook has become as big as MySpace and YouTube. It is one of the best places to advertise for next to nothing.

About Facebook Ads

There are two basic ways you can advertise on Facebook. The first is to start a fan club and the second is to use paid advertising.

You can draw quite a following by asking people to become a fan of your product. This type of group on Facebook can easily go viral.

You can also use paid advertising on Facebook. You can attach an ad message to your user notifications and you can also choose to target the traits that you want your viewers to have. You can base ads on such preferences as age, sex, interests, activities and political views…

The Benefits of Facebook Ads

It is absurdly simply to create an ad on Facebook ad. Simply write out your text, inform Facebook of your viewer preferences and the ad will be matched with the right profiles.  Keep in mind there are now millions of profiles on Facebook and the benefits of creating your ad are:

• You always reach the right audience and you never have to worry about anyone complaining they are being spammed or being forced to read something they don’t want to.

• You look topical because Facebook has immediacy to it; if your ad is good people will be talking about it on their profiles, linking to it, sharing it and discussing it around the office water cooler

• Facebook ads become viral very quickly as people do bookmark and share them with others who might be interested

• You can create a Facebook page for your business under the category of professional service or you can promote what you are doing through your existing profile

• You also have two ways of paying: payment through impression or payment per click. Cost per impression is a good idea for spreading awareness as it is the least expensive.

• You can start and pause your Facebook ad campaign at will or only have it set during certain times of the day

• You can join other groups that reflect your interests

• You can set up events for future teleseminars and classes and use the invite function to have people attend

• People never miss one of your invitations because there is no “spam filter” on Facebook like there is on regular Facebook

• You can use your status updates as a way of promoting what you are selling and also announcing deals, sales and other perks.

It is simple to take advantage of Facebook. All you need to do is join and set up a business page and then begin your targeted marketing campaign. Many people log onto Facebook daily so it is very easy to reach a wide audience.

Facebook Group

  What is Facebook group? It is a special feature on Facebook where we can create a specific group of our desire in a specified interest. This is a powerful tool we can use on Facebook because it is a live forum platform where we can chat with each other live. Meaning, fresh ideas can be built here and more topic will be exposed here. A direct question and answer portion will be happening too.

Search inside the Facebook and join other group related to your product or topic. In this way you can widen your audience and you going to a have huge opportunity to sell your products.

Facebook Fan Page

It is another Facebook tool where we can leverage and make the best of it. It is an extension to your website, blogs or affiliate site and promotes your product. There are tons of tool we can apply on your fan page and modify it until it will look more decent and convincing. Post banner in your fan page and more articles related to your product to sell.

Remember, keep doing it every day and you will achieve your goal as an affiliate marketer. Add more friends every day and be professional in approaching them.

Affiliate marketing a huge way in making money on the internet. One must be completely well informed and loaded with enough knowledge before starting this kind of business.





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